Tony La Russa Says Yermin Mercedes Made a Mistake Swinging 3-0, Says There Will Be "Consequences"

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Tony La Russa Says Yermin Mercedes Made a Mistake Swinging 3-0, Says There Will Be “Consequences”

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Are you effing kidding me? I mean, we knew this kinda shit was coming, but I really didn’t think it would be this level of borderline parody.

As background, breakout, out-of-nowhere, fun hitter Yermin Mercedes is having the season of a lifetime, and yesterday, with the White Sox routing the Twins, he decided to swing on a 3-0 pitch from position player Willians Astudillo. Mercedes crushed it. People complained about the count or the situation or some other stupid thing:

So it’s fine for one team to bail on the game and send a position player out there to pitch, but it’s not OK for the other team to try to hit the ball? I mean, what, he takes that pitch, and then gets another meatball and instead crushes 3-1? Or does he have to take that one, too?

Whatever, though. It was just the Twins announcers, so I was going to ignore it.


This is just embarrassing. It is, like I said, the kind of thing people would PARODY about “old school” “legit” “hall of famer baseball person” Tony La Russa. But he’s out there ripping his own player for hitting a home run instead of just sitting there taking strikes for no reason? And saying that player is going to face CONSEQUENCES from his OWN TEAM for it? What the hell is the matter with you?!

For his part, Mercedes has the right attitude, and I hope he sticks with it:

Oh, and a bonus WTF just dropped from the La Russa call:

Without words, man. I am without words.

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