Nico Hoerner Rehab Assignment Soon, Matt Duffy Maybe Not

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Nico Hoerner Rehab Assignment Soon, Matt Duffy Maybe Not

Chicago Cubs

Everyone needs to be careful about presuming that the return of two players – Nico Hoerner and Matt Duffy – could/would/will transform a Chicago Cubs offense that is in a pretty deep slump. For one thing, you don’t want to put that weight so thoroughly on two guys who might have some rust to shake off, and/or might be young (Hoerner), and/or might be more of a complementary guy (Duffy). For another thing, it’s still gonna be a minute before both are back with the Cubs.

But, yes, the Cubs do need their high-contact, different-style, great-against-velocity bats back to change the dynamics of this lineup.

There’s good and bad news in the latest over at The Athletic, recounting the offensive issues the Cubs are facing, updating the rehabs on Hoerner and Duffy, and quoting David Ross in his hopes that the Cubs can just find a way to get through this stretch:

The good news is that Nico Hoerner is doing serious work now, and could be heading out for a rehab assignment before the end of June. If things continue to progress well on the hamstring recovery, then you might see him back with the big league Cubs, say, around the 4th of July? I would definitely celebrate his return with sparklers and snap pops.

As for Duffy, though, it’s all kinda back to being up in the air. He was close last weekend in his back recovery, he was pushing things a bit in advance of a rehab assignment, and then he woke up and it just wasn’t responding well. Ross wouldn’t call it a “setback,” but what he did say sure doesn’t sound good.

“It’s taken a little bit longer than we were expecting,” Ross said. “We got some really good news before we went to New York during the St. Louis series and thought things were trending in the right direction. But it’s been something that’s not progressing since then. We’re still as optimistic as we can be. It’s something he’s dealt with a long time. More of a chronic injury that we want to make sure we take care of before we get him back and push him.”

I suppose it’s plausible that Duffy could also return in July, but I don’t really know how to parse those words. We’ll just have to wait until we get updates on what work he’s doing on the field this week.

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