Jed Hoyer on the Trade Season Ahead for the Cubs: The Losing Streak "Certainly Changes a Lot of Things"

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Jed Hoyer on the Trade Season Ahead for the Cubs: The Losing Streak “Certainly Changes a Lot of Things”

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Chicago Cubs’ President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer spoke with the media before tonight’s game, getting into the realities of the weeks ahead. In short? Yeah, they’re very open to selling.

Among Hoyer’s comments on what has happened the last two weeks:

The Cubs could, of course, get super hot, but things don’t look great if you’re being honest:

Hoyer is going to be on the phone a whole lot in the three weeks ahead, and he’s really got to nail the returns for so many reasons. It’s a critical time for the Cubs.

As for who gets traded, if anyone, Hoyer wouldn’t be wise to get into that, but he did say this:

I presume that means talking to them to make sure extensions can’t/won’t happen, but then also to give them a heads up on what might be happening by the deadline.

Longer-term, Hoyer is already telling folks that this isn’t going to be a “rebuild” situation:

As we’ve already started to discuss, this is exactly the correct attitude for a Cubs team with so much financial flexibility. Maybe 2022 winds up another non-competitive year (so you sell at the deadline again), but tearing things down to the bones with the INTENTION of losing in 2022 should not be on the table right now. Instead, you enter into the offseason with the intention of going over a loaded free agent class and seeing what you can do in the short-term and long-term. Maybe you wind up one of those teams that turns in a surprising one-off competitive year, even as you’re inside of a longer-term retooling cycle with your farm system and big league roster. There are ways to find that balance in the offseason and in the run up to next July, when you can evaluate again.

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