Kris Bryant Just Came Out of the Game in the Fifth Inning (Update: Right Hamstring Fatigue)

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Kris Bryant Just Came Out of the Game in the Fifth Inning (Update: Right Hamstring Fatigue)

Chicago Cubs

It didn’t SEEM like anything was wrong when Kris Bryant made a spectacular diving catch in the bottom of the third inning, but two innings later, he came out of the game in favor of Ian Happ.

Here’s another look at that catch, in case you missed it.

I know your mind will go immediately to the trade implications that were laid out so aggressively and explicitly earlier today, but the diving catch really muddies the water there (with that said, it wasn’t a particularly hard landing). And although there was not yet a reason given for his exit, some of the beat writers are noting that there has not been any hugs in the dugout.

I think the most likely explanation here is simply that he tweaked something on the dive. And your HOPE is that the Cubs removed him solely out of an abundance of caution. I’ll update this post as soon as we know more.

UPDATE: As expected, this was not the moment we were all anticipating. But that isn’t exactly good news, either. Bryant is one of the Cubs best trade chips at the deadline and he just left the game with an injury being labeled as right-hamstring fatigue. Brett has a good explanation right here in this thread.

Long story short, you want to be VERY careful and precise with the description of an injury for a player you (likely) intend to trade.

Stand down, for now and hope Bryant comes back tomorrow (or soon thereafter).

Author: Michael Cerami

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