New York Papers Getting in on the Kris Bryant Push

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New York Papers Getting in on the Kris Bryant Push

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Not unlike the report yesterday that named prospect names in a possible Kris Bryant trade, I’m just in the mode where I’m paying extra close attention to stuff coming out of New York. There’s so much smoke, and there was so much smoke in the offseason. I think it’s not hard to argue the Mets need pitching more than they need another bat, but it all helps if you’re trying to hold onto first place.

Anyway, the thing to note today is that the New York papers are getting in on the push:

The column, from Ian O’Connor argues that the combination of the Mets’ recent resilience and the wealthy new owner means that they should show support for the team by investing in pitching acquisitions AND a versatile star like Bryant to put them over the top. Maybe so, maybe not. I could probably fashion an argument in support or against (and, either way, it would involve the Mets getting pitching, too), but I won’t pass upon what Mets fans think or feel.

Instead, our focus here is only that there is a public-facing push for the Mets to make a move like getting Bryant – or, well, specifically getting Bryant – and I’m not so sure that’s a zero impact thing when you’re talking about a team with a hungry new owner, who has repeatedly shown himself open to feedback from the public. Heck, he was asking about it last night on Twitter:

Given the luxury tax implications of adding Bryant (though I’ll point out again that the Cubs could and should eat salary if they are trying to maximize the return in any trade), and given the kind of return the Cubs would demand in order to actually move Bryant, it feels like the kind of trade that would need a blessing from the owner.

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