Breakout White Sox Slugger Yermin Mercedes Just Up and Announced His Retirement (UPDATE: Psyche!)

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Breakout White Sox Slugger Yermin Mercedes Just Up and Announced His Retirement (UPDATE: Psyche!)

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One of the brightest stories from earlier this year, a guy who grinded for a decade and then got a chance to shine, is over. White Sox slugger Yermin Mercedes just announced on his Instagram that he’s retiring.

To say it is a shock is an understatement, because, while Mercedes had been demoted earlier this year, he was raking at Triple-A and figured to be back up at some point.


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I’m sure there’s much more going on here than we yet know, and I just hope whatever happens, Mercedes winds up getting whatever support he needs and/or gets to do what he wants to do. Maybe he just needs some time away.

I can’t not mention it: Mercedes’ manager took another team’s side in a dust-up about Mercedes DARING to swing at a 3-0 pitch from a position player (and hit a dinger in the process), and it was all downhill from there. A coincidence? Probably mostly, because Mercedes’ early success involved a lot of good luck. Regression was coming. But to not have support at that time? Couldn’t have felt good.

In any case, for now, this is just an Instagram announcement. The White Sox haven’t heard anything official:

UPDATE: Just kidding? Apparently:

I would imagine we’ll hear more on this at some point? And although saying that “it’s over” and suggesting you were retiring on social media isn’t great, that’s not the same thing as cleaning out your locker in the middle of a game and going home. So I guess, strictly speaking, Mercedes didn’t actually do any retiring.

Author: Brett Taylor

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