Craig Kimbrel Updates: Dodgers Back In? Berrios Return Moving Market?

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Craig Kimbrel Updates: Dodgers Back In? Berrios Return Moving Market?

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As I mentioned this morning, when the server starts heating up, I can no longer update the older posts (basically because they grind the database to a halt). So, I just have to create new posts to get you the latest info. I’m sure you’re fine with it. But don’t hammer that “refresh” button on posts. Just go to the home page instead.

So anyway, the latest on Craig Kimbrel. Two big things. One, as soon as those Rays rumors popped up, this reminder dropped:

That’s huge not only to keep the Dodgers involved (the system is still strong after the Scherzer-Turner trade), but ALSO to put even more pressure on the Padres and Giants. Furthermore, maybe it puts pressure on the Rays to finish something up, if they are seriously involved. Or maybe the Cubs slipped both of these things to pressure someone else! The point is, great systems and avarice-filled teams are interested, and the market is moving.

To that end, here’s big thing number two: the reported return on 1.5 years of Jose Berrios was a top 25 prospect in baseball (Austin Martin) and a top 50-ish prospect in baseball (Simeon Woods Richardson). That’s just an enormous return for a pretty good starting pitcher who is not an ace. On paper, before now, I would’ve speculated that Kimbrel would net more in trade than Berrios. I now think I was probably wrong on that, but man, what if the price tag on Kimbrel is much higher than expected? He strikes me as more impactful to a postseason team than Berrios, and he also comes for 1.5 years (albeit at a higher price … but Cubs can chip in!).

Stay very tuned.

Author: Brett Taylor

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