Apparently the Padres Really Are About to Sign Jake Arrieta (UPDATE: Starting for them on Wednesday)

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Apparently the Padres Really Are About to Sign Jake Arrieta (UPDATE: Starting for them on Wednesday)

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I’ll cop to it: when writing up the rumors yesterday, you can tell that I really didn’t think the Padres were actually going to sign Jake Arrieta. I knew they were desperate – shoulda traded for Zach Davies, gents – but I figured there had to be a better, ready option out there, even if they had to go out and pluck that guy straight out of the minor leagues in another organization (minor league trades are permissible at the moment, just not 40-man trades).

I was wrong. They are actually going to do it:

Arrieta, whom the Cubs bounced after another implosion start (and a completely unnecessary and unprofessional mask comment), was arguably the worst starting pitcher in baseball this year by the time he was set free. To be sure, the worst starting pitcher in MLB might be better than many of the options available to you in the minor leagues, so I get that. It’s just shocking to me that the Padres allowed themselves to get into a position where it was Arrieta or bust, when Arrieta was no longer capable of starting for the Cubs … a team spiraling down the drain of the 2021 season.

I have no real ill will here, so hey, I’ll wish Arrieta and the Padres the best. For whatever period of time Arrieta is in the big leagues, he’ll be paid the prorated big league minimum from the Padres (subtracting that amount from what the Cubs owe him). So, hey, the Cubs will have another couple hundred grand to play around with this offseason, eh?

Arrieta, 35, has a 6.88 ERA this year over 20 starts and 86.1 IP. Since April 30, it’s an 8.95(!!!) ERA.

UPDATE: That was fast:

Since that means Arrieta will now be on a big league deal with the Padres, they are on the hook for the prorated portion of the big league minimum, or about $140,000. Spend it this offseason, Cubs!

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