Mets Owner Tweets About His Players, Wondering How They "Can Be This Unproductive"

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Mets Owner Tweets About His Players, Wondering How They “Can Be This Unproductive”

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The New York Mets have been very disappointing of late, just 4-12 since the Trade Deadline, with the offense, in particular, flagging at a critical juncture of the season. Mets fans are frustrated and disappointed, and you could understand that the owner might be feeling that way, too. For the season, the team is hitting just .235/.313/.380, roughly the 7th worst offense in baseball.

Their new owner, Steve Cohen, who has already been very outspoken on Twitter, took it to another level this morning, openly wondering how it is that his players are so bad.

Gonna do the ole screenshot version in case he thinks better of his decision and deletes:


Even if he were right about his point, I’m not so sure putting it out there to the world about your players is the right way to address it (if discipline and success at the plate are even something you CAN address in mid-August by simply telling players to do better … ). Of course, it’s too late to spend more at the deadline or in free agency, but if you’re a Mets fan, I suspect you’re remembering this come November and December, and expecting Cohen to step it up with the checkbook. That’s the double-edged sword of putting these thoughts out there for a rabid fanbase to consume.

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