The Javy Báez-Mets Debacle: Owner Responds, Cubs Rumors, Fire Takes, More

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The Javy Báez-Mets Debacle: Owner Responds, Cubs Rumors, Fire Takes, More

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In addition to all the obvious things to be thinking throughout this ridiculous Mets-Javy Báez thumbs down drama, one thing keeps popping into my head: They asked the Cubs to cover salary for all this.

So interested were the Mets in trading for Javy Báez that they sent their previous year’s first round pick, one of the better prospects in their system in the deal, and needed the Cubs to send along cash so they could stay under the luxury tax. That means they REALLY wanted Báez (and Trevor Williams), and were willing to give up a top prospect to make it happen and save a little money.

Now the Cubs walk away with Pete Crow-Armstrong, and the Mets have a player who has been struggling and whom they threw completely under the bus yesterday, even though it was Báez *AND* his teammates responding to the fans getting overly boo-y. And people are already talking about the possibility of a reunion with the Cubs after the season, which – setting aside whatever you think about the desirability of a reunion – would definitely be hilarious.

Unfortunately for him, I suspect the pandemic season and this year have combined to lower Báez’s market value considerably. I cannot see him getting $150+ million in free agency, and I think it might be a battle to even get to nine figures. That said, a Cubs reunion is said to be not that far-fetched, and who knows. Maybe this whole debacle will remind both sides how well they go together, and a reasonable, shorter-term deal winds up making sense?

You can expect Cubs-Báez rumors this offseason – you could anyway – and you can expect that this story will be mentioned again throughout that process.

In the meantime, I can’t say how this situation is going to resolve with the Mets. Because it’s a fiasco, even though I really don’t think what Báez said was that big of a deal. Heck, I thought it was funny!

… others did not, including team president Sandy Alderson. Outspoken owner Steve Cohen agreed, telling The Post: “These are young guys and sometimes we forget they are on a public stage and can make mistakes. They hit the third rail, though, by messing with fans. And it is unacceptable. Hopefully, this is a teaching moment and they will learn from this.”

So, are we gonna get a statement from the players/Báez? A sarcastic thumbs up act of contrition during tomorrow’s game? I really wonder what happens now.

Elsewhere, the TAKES, man. The takes:

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