"Belief" is that Corey Seager Will Sign Today, Too (UPDATE)

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“Belief” is that Corey Seager Will Sign Today, Too (UPDATE)

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SEE UPDATE BELOW – Corey Seager is headed to the Rangers. Original post follows.

With yesterday’s explosion of deals, which is expected to continue into today, we’re going to see a lot of free agents fly off the board over the course of a 24-hour period. So far, within that window, the Cubs have sat silent.

One of the biggest free agents is expected to be among those names today, with shortstop Corey Seager probably picking his next (well, or his old team) today:

Seager has been interested in signing before the lockout begins on Wednesday night, per multiple reports, so the timing makes plenty of sense. And as we’ve discussed, it seems very unlikely that the Cubs would be the team ready to step up with a $250+ million deal right now, before the next CBA is resolved. The Dodgers still strike me as the favorite, but maybe the Tigers step up, or maybe the Rangers really are trying to test the theory that you can’t turn a bad team into a playoff team in a single offseason of moves.

We can be as unhappy about it as we like, I just get the sense that it’s the reality that the Cubs aren’t going to be mentioned today on Seager, despite earlier rumors. I think the Cubs’ interest in Seager was always (1) real, but (2) based only a possibility that he lingered on the market for a while and wound up taking a deal that they saw as too good to pass up. A low likelihood chance when the offseason started, and now a seeming impossibility.

UPDATE: It seems very likely we could get word soon enough, with the Rangers wanting to make the Semien-Seager pairing happen:

UPDATE 2: It’s happening. Monster deal with the Rangers.

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