Marcus Stroman Knew In His Gut That the Cubs Were Right For Him - That, and More Stro Show Fun

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Marcus Stroman Knew In His Gut That the Cubs Were Right For Him – That, and More Stro Show Fun

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Before we slip back into the joylessness of CBA coverage stuff, and/or into the nitty gritty of transaction breakdowns (I like that part!), I wanted to share some more of the fun from Marcus Stroman’s VERY RAPID arrival onto the Chicago Cubs.

Stroman’s introductory press conference happened immediately, because obviously, and it was broadcast late last night on Marquee. I enjoyed watching, and it was impressive how at ease Stroman seemed to be despite all the craziness that must have preceded it – he even joked(?) about sprinting to catch his flight so that he could be sure to be in Chicago to sign the deal. He is clearly a very thoughtful, gregarious, deep-thinking guy, and it’s not hard to see how that meshes well with his style as a craftsman on the mound.

Timing-wise, Cubs GM Carter Hawkins – who hopped on Marquee after Stroman – said the Cubs started to engage with Stroman’s camp around Thanksgiving, and then things accelerated over the last few days. So, yeah, sure enough, the Cubs really did a good job not letting that leak.

For his part, Stroman said he was not in a rush to get a deal done by the time the CBA expired. But the Cubs showed more interest/more aggressive interest than most teams, and they wanted to make this happen by last night. Based on what he’d already known about the Cubs, about Chicago, and about the process, he said he simply knew in his gut this was the team for him.

“Obviously, the Cubs, the franchise, the history, the tradition here, it’s one of the best franchises in all sports and fan bases as well,” Stroman said. “It’s extremely appealing to me.

“It’s sells out every single night. To pitch in front of that electric crowd, it’s something that kind of draws me. Once he told me the Cubs were in play, my senses were heightened.”

Oh, and a good question from Gordon Wittenmyer: did the Cubs let anything slip in the courting process that suggests anything about their future plans for the offseason? No, nothing specific, Stroman said, but he did say that the mere fact that they were going after him like this told him this was not going to be a rebuild. He’s not signing with the Cubs to mess around. The plan is to win. (And, just to add to what Stroman said, let me note that it’s essentially a two-year deal with a player option for the third year. That’s just not the structure you go for on a player like Stroman if you aren’t sincerely planning to try to put a competitive team on the field in 2022. This offseason is definitely not over.)

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