Juice Up, Boys: There is Currently No Steroid Testing in Major League Baseball

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Juice Up, Boys: There is Currently No Steroid Testing in Major League Baseball

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If you had a strong hankering to mess around and try some performance-enhancing drugs, NOW IS THE TIME!

I am kidding, of course, but there is currently no testing in Major League Baseball for steroids or other PEDs:

Thanks to the expiration of the CBA, and apparently no interim agreement on testing protocols, there is simply no drug policy in place right now for MLB. Which is extremely wild. I think most of us assumed that, of course, there would be an extension of the joint drug policy. Both sides should have a strong interest in its continuation throughout the offseason, and there’s no leverage to be gained, so just … do it? Obviously it’s never that simple between these two sides.

What this will mean for players’ offseason training regimens, and what happens when testing kicks back in for Spring Training(?) remains to be seen. I kinda feel like no player would actually be crazy enough to try to get in a quick cycle of steroids hoping that testing won’t kick in until its out of his system (*and* that he’d get enough benefit from it to make it worthwhile), but then again, there are still players occasionally testing positive during the season. So clearly, some guys just want to take the risk anyway.

Be wary if any players show up to spring looking like greased up marble the size of a Mac truck …

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Author: Brett Taylor

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