MLB Lockout Day 87: Players Make the First Substantial Economic Move ... and Then Everything Went South (UPDATES)

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MLB Lockout Day 87: Players Make the First Substantial Economic Move … and Then Everything Went South (UPDATES)

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Whatever “progress” was made yesterday was flushed down the tubes today as … let’s just call it the true nature of these negotiations re-emerged. Things are as bad as they’ve ever been, and with just two days to go before MLB says it will cancel regular season games, I think you can probably safely clear your April calendar.

The MLBPA today made a comprehensive revised offer, which the owners considered very briefly, and it sounds like everything went to shit from there. Among the reports:

That is at least one significant move right there, dropping the Super Two pool massively (frankly, to a level that is a completely reasonable ask). That is the first really significant economic move by either side this week, and it led to hostility from the owners? The same owners that locked the players out and then made no new offer for six weeks? And have yet to make any notable moves on economic issues? It’s nice to see some very small moves by the owners on substantive issues, but none of it looks particularly serious.

If – after all the BS of the last three months, and with MLB’s self-imposed deadline looming on Monday – the players were the first ones to make big economic moves this week and the owners still aren’t finally getting reasonable? If they’re trying to characterize this as more small stuff? If they are the ones acting aggrieved? Then, once again, we’re right back where we have been all week: this is just theater, and there are simply too many owners that have decided they are more than happy to have a chunk of the regular season (and the associated expenses) wiped away. The long-term risks to the sport and the feelings of the fans are a negligible factor. The only thing that matters is getting another overwhelming CBA win.

Like I said last night, I just didn’t see the reason for all the optimism. The players seem very understandably at the point of walking away. This all sucks so much. I am reminded of what the pandemic negotiations were like, when everything was ugly and a deal was never ultimately reached (people seem to forget that – the season was played based on an older, non-comprehensive agreement that is still under a grievance).

More soon, I suppose.

A few UPDATES as I see them and tweet about them:

Author: Brett Taylor

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