When the Rule 5 Draft Will Happen, How Teams Are Limiting Scouts, and Other Cubs Bullets

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When the Rule 5 Draft Will Happen, How Teams Are Limiting Scouts, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I have given ‘Peacemaker’ a couple episodes, but it really isn’t landing for me. Not particularly funny, but also not particularly engaging as … whatever the tone is supposed to be? The main character doesn’t seem to have a particular lane, the supporting characters are pretty meh, and there hasn’t been much of a narrative hook yet either. Does it get a lot better? I feel like there was a lot of positive attention, but I don’t get it.

•   Not sure when it’s going to matter, but it has now been confirmed that there will be a Rule 5 Draft one week after the CBA is finalized (and teams are smartly protecting against “new” information being used against them):

•   Whenever we get closer to it actually happening, I’ll dig back in on the Rule 5, and explore what the delay has meant in terms of prospects the Cubs are at risk for losing, as well as what it has meant for the Cubs’ ability to go after someone. The addition of the universal DH could certainly change the calculus a little bit with respect to what the Cubs typically do in the Rule 5, and there is also that need for an elite defensive shortstop (maybe there’s a sneaky one available? though he’d have to be better than what the Cubs already have in that range in Sergio Alcantara). Overall, I reckon they’ll still mostly focus on a potential reliever.

•   An interesting byproduct of the delayed Rule 5 and the scouting limits: teams that wanted to engage in very quick trades once the CBA is finalized will not have the benefit of having very recently scouted the prospects they might be targeting.

•   It’s hard to remember at this point, but the MINOR league phase of the Rule 5 Draft already took place, and the Cubs grabbed lefty Conner Menez.

•   Not sure where or why this is coming now, and as much as I’d LOVE it to be the case, it does not seem to be a broadly held sentiment (as evidenced by the reply from a player on the MLBPA executive committee):

•   If Buster Olney is saying this, then you know the following sentiment is completely pervasive (not that it will matter):

•   Something nice in the Cubs-connected world today for your ears:

•   Something else very nice and funny:

•   It’s wild that the Cubs had two of these guys in such a short span of time, relatively speaking:

•   This guy just keeps going. It’s bananas:

Author: Brett Taylor

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