MLB Lockout Day 89: The MLB Deadline Has All But Arrived (UPDATES: No Deal Tonight, But Deadline Postponed)

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MLB Lockout Day 89: The MLB Deadline Has All But Arrived (UPDATES: No Deal Tonight, But Deadline Postponed)

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Three months. That’s how long MLB’s lockout has lasted, and it marks the final day on MLB’s self-imposed timeline for getting a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place before it starts cancelling regular season games. Given how everything has played out, given today’s threat to cancel a month of games, and given the dwindling hours in the day, I’d say no one has much optimism.

But at last check, the sides were still going back and forth. It got sufficiently late that I wanted to at least get a post up to track any developments through the evening. And if this goes REALLY late, well, that wouldn’t be the worst sign in the world. Updates coming down below when they are available …

UPDATE: It’s only just after 8pm Eastern, where the sides are meeting, so it’s still not THAT late for the meetings to still be going on:

You’ll forgive me for noting that, because of the eventual legal implications about bargaining in good faith – and how poorly that has looked over these three months for MLB – it is in MLB’s best interests tonight to keep the players around and talking for as long as possible. Doesn’t mean they aren’t making progress! But, let’s be honest: they’ve met for seven days straight, hours and hours at a time, and they’ve moved virtually zero this entire week. Meeting a whole lot in a given day – even a “deadline” day – doesn’t necessarily mean a lot.

UPDATE 2 (8:15pm ET): I am sharing this because I saw it, and you’d want to see it, but I’m gonna pump the brakes right after:

Heyman, who admittedly does have good agent connections, is also a contributor at MLB Network. So a little caution is necessary on what his sources might be telling him, and what THEIR motivations might be. He was, for example, the only national reporter holding out hope for a deal by tonight when things fell apart on Saturday. (Hey, great win for him if a deal gets done! … but he’s been on an island, for sure.)

UPDATE 3 (8:40pm ET): This is movement, yes, but without knowing if there is ALSO significant movement on the luxury tax levels and consequences (also arbitration?), it’s pretty hard to know if this matters:

That last bit is the key from Passan, as it was always the most realistic best hope for today (albeit only small chances): enough progress that it’s worth continuing to try tomorrow.

UPDATE 4 (8:50pm ET): Well this is just cruel:

UPDATE 5 (9:10pm ET): The key here is that things are still not particularly close (which is not surprising, given that the last seven days produced almost no movement at all, such that even BIG movement today by MLB still leaves things quite far apart):

But the potential to continue talks tonight and tomorrow is still there. Which is modestly decent news.

UPDATE 6 (9:35pm ET): A little bit on the CBT discussions, and also some thoughts from me I kept meaning to jot down:

I really think we’ve probably been sleeping on that “other” stuff too much. The recidivism penalties (i.e., it got worse each year you were over the tax) and the loss of revenue-sharing rebate dollars were cited as HUGE REASONS why teams were always trying to “reset” for a year under the luxury tax. If that stuff goes away, then, yes, the thresholds and the tax might still suck for the players, but a number of teams might be perfectly content to be over at least the first tier every single year. That would be a *positive* change for the players.

UPDATE 7 (10:04pm ET): Still going:

UPDATE 8 (10:25pm ET): If this is true, you would definitely be as optimistic as you’ve been, since status quo on penalties and $225 million for the first tier was what a lot of people were projecting back in DECEMBER:

But the playoff number is still an issue:

UPDATE 9 (11:00pm ET): It’s not necessarily a sure thing that the number of playoff teams is the final major hurdle, so don’t get carried away. HOWEVER, there does seem to be a question on whether that could be what throws a wrench in things:

UPDATE 10 (11:43pm ET): The sides are now on meeting number 11 on the day, and these sure seem like significant tweets:

UPDATE 11 (11:58pm ET): Someone is really feeding Bob the goods (well, or the other thing):

UPDATE 12 (12:06am ET): Ope, deadline passed, season cancelled. No, they’re still talking. But slow your roll on any hopes that it’s almost done:

UPDATE 13 (12:31am ET): Still grinding:

UPDATE 14 (12:49am ET): The owners want a deal done tonight, clearly:

UPDATE 15 (1:52am ET): Yup, still going:

UPDATE 16 (2:18am ET): Nobody wants to see the shift killed more than me, but is this a 2am conversation? I mean, other than when I’m at the bar arguing with friends about killing the shift, which is a good idea because it should be killed:

UPDATE 17 (2:30am ET): I stayed up until 2:30am for this, eh? That’s ok – no deal, but this is certainly the best I was was realistically hoping for today (er, yesterday?):

See you tomorrow. Er, today. Later this morning. I am so tired. Goodbye.

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