MLBPA Will Seek to Have Cancelled Games Rescheduled or Compensation Paid

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MLBPA Will Seek to Have Cancelled Games Rescheduled or Compensation Paid

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Just to close the loop on this particular topic: as we’ve said, while MLB and Commissioner Rob Manfred can announce the cancellation of games and then not hold those games, doing so is technically a bargaining position, rather than a definitive end.

In other words, the players will be able to take the bargaining position that any games MLB does not hold should be rescheduled, or the players should get paid for them in any case:

A fair position, given that today didn’t have to happen. I think the longer the lockout goes on and the more games that get “cancelled,” the less likely the players are to actually see that money (reportedly $20+ million PER DAY), or see those games rescheduled, though. Remember, (it is my opinion that) a number of owners are PERFECTLY FINE with April games being cancelled precisely because it saves them player-related expenses. Those owners (I suspect) are the primary reason we are here today, and thus it wouldn’t make much sense if they would suddenly change course three months later and decide that they do want to play those games and pay the players.

In other words, this is just another fight that has been invited by the way these negotiations have played out. Truly asinine stuff.

That said, the players are doing everything in the right way, saying they are ready to keep negotiating immediately:

Again, since (I think) the whole point of today was so that certain owners would have cover to cancel a big chunk of games, I don’t know that the urgency is going to be there on the MLB side to immediately start negotiating again. I suspect there will be a brief lull, and then talks will resume again. But without a meaningful deadline/pain point for owners, I highly doubt we see them move significantly any time soon on – for example – the luxury tax thresholds that very much need moving. Even some of the more … MLB-open-minded members of the media agree on that point:

Moreover, since that’s been the topic getting the most attention coming out of MLB’s “best” offer – and was the topic that was thought to be a major threshold issue in these talks all along – it’s pretty obviously the one we’ll have to see considerable upward movement from the owners before anything actually gets done. I would give that multiple weeks yet. At least. Which sucks.

Author: Brett Taylor

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