MLB Lockout Day 99, Part Two: Owners' New Offer Submitted, New "Deadline" Created (UPDATES)

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MLB Lockout Day 99, Part Two: Owners’ New Offer Submitted, New “Deadline” Created (UPDATES)

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With the international draft issue out of the way (for now), the sides were cleared to try to come to an overall Collective Bargaining Agreement today and still try to save the full 162-game season. That meant the owners would have to respond to the players’ last offer from yesterday afternoon, and we all just sit here and pray that it’s a reasonable counter.

The only bit we’ve seen so far has the owners moving a little bit more in the players’ direction, though they’ve clearly already made their big moves:

The question now is whether this goes to a full vote for the players to approve or reject. That 3pm “deadline” could wind up today’s meaningful deadline – as in, the new one to save 162 games. Stay tuned. If a deal does get done today, free agency could open back up as soon as tonight.

UPDATE (1:56pm ET): I’m gonna ignore the “vote” part of this for now, because Heyman has been off on a lot of these lately. But the grievance part is worth mentioning:

There is also the 2020 pandemic season grievance still outstanding, and previously there were reports that owners wanted that one dropped, too. Are you ready for that to become the latest sticking point that blows things up, baby?

UPDATE (2:01pm ET): Oh boy, they indeed took it to a vote:

If it passes, that’s that. If it doesn’t, my guess is the players will try to counter quickly, but I kinda doubt MLB comes back at that point. Then we do the several day shutdown thing again.

UPDATE (2:12pm ET): This would be the shortest spring training (and second offseason) ever:

UPDATE (2:45pm ET): Like everyone else, we’re trying to ask around and get a sense of the vote. It really depends on whom you ask, which makes me think no one really has the WHOLE picture just yet. So take all positivity with a grain of salt.

I mean, we’re definitely in that “sentiment is shifting” phase of the reporting cycle, which I really hope is just nervousness from sources based on how close things seem. But it’s also possible that the “yes” votes were very eager to share quickly, so the cart got out ahead of the horse.

UPDATE (2:52pm ET): I trust this report, since Heyman is historically close with Scott Boras, who represents a disproportionate number of players on the board:

There are 38 total votes – 30 teams and 8 exec board – and you need 20 to pass. So the whole board being against is, well. Math.

UPDATE (3:15pm ET): The vote passes. Holy crap. Baseball is back.

Author: Brett Taylor

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