The Houston Astros Are Back "In Discussions" With Carlos Correa (UPDATE: Talks Heating Up)

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The Houston Astros Are Back “In Discussions” With Carlos Correa (UPDATE: Talks Heating Up)

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There hasn’t been much chatter this weekend about Carlos Correa. Had I to sum it up in a couple lines, it would be something like: a lotta folks think the Cubs are seriously interested (but at an unknown price level), some folks doubt the Yankees will go over $300 million despite the fit, and Correa is almost certainly still looking to top Corey Seager’s 10/$325M deal. That’s kinda been it, which leaves open a huuuuuge swath of potential information being swapped behind the scenes.

For example, what if the Houston Astros are going to make a last-ditch push to bring back their star shortstop? I wouldn’t say the Astros had been wholly ruled out, but few expected they would go to the level necessary to re-sign Correa after their previous offer was just five years and $160 million (an offer I’d think 5 to 10 other teams would gladly beat).

Still, sure sounds like they are indeed giving it another shot:

To be sure, that doesn’t mean they are pushing aggressively – that’s an owner who is as likely to be trying to save face as he is trying to get hopes up. But, on the other hand, when you’re talking about $300+ million commitments, owners get involved. That’s just the reality. Furthermore, Correa’s new agent, Scott Boras, likes to get owners involved in these kinds of discussions.

Since we haven’t heard much in the way of active discussions this weekend on Correa – from the Cubs or the Yankees or any other team – I would say this bears monitoring.

UPDATE (Michael, 11:53pm CT): There are now multiple reports of talks with the Astros intensifying, including the latest from Jon Heyman, who says owner Jim Crane is involved, something that usually doesn’t happen until and unless an offer is serious and pricey:

Author: Brett Taylor

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