Lukewarm Stove: Twins Talking to A's on Montas/Manaea, Story Has Offers in Hand, Schwarber's Massive Market, More

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Lukewarm Stove: Twins Talking to A’s on Montas/Manaea, Story Has Offers in Hand, Schwarber’s Massive Market, More

Chicago Cubs

No time for an intro, not with the Matt Olson trade making waves. And more coming down the pipeline as I type. Given the pace at which transactions are happening (Is Seiya Suzuki about to sign?), this will be a shorter stove than usual.

Twins/Athletics Trade

When it comes to Oakland, all eyes were going to stay on Matt Olson until he found his new home. But now that he went to the Braves in a blockbuster deal, our attention can turn to the A’s other trade candidates.

Earlier today, we noted the Rays interest in A’s third baseman Matt Chapman, but maybe one of those two starters are next out the door:

Sean Manaea ($10.2M projected in 2022) has one more year of control via arbitration, while Frankie Montas ($5.2M projected in 2022) comes with two, so naturally the A’s are looking to move on … from paying them.

Manaea, 30, made 32 starts last season, earning a 3.91 ERA and 3.3 WAR, with an excellent 5.4% walk rate over 179.1 IP. Montas, 28, also made 32 starts, and was even better: 3.37 ERA; 26.6 K%, 30.4 hard% over 187.0 IP. These guys will net a hefty sum on the trade market, and the A’s would probably be wiser to move them now, at near-peak value, then risk injury or ineffectiveness before the trade deadline.

The Twins, meanwhile, have already added a starter, Sonny Gray, via trade this offseason

Trevor Story’s Offers

On his Baseball Show podcast with The Athletic, Ken Rosenthal shed some light on the market for Trevor Story, which has been unexpectedly quiet, but not for a lack of interest.

“Trevor Story has been considering multiple offers, some long-term, some short. Some to play shortstop, some to play other positions. His preference is to stay at shortstop. And it would make a lot of sense if he would ultimately be the Twins guy. He would fit. I don’t see Correa there, he’s too expensive for the Twins liking.”

Rosenthal also mentions the Mariners in on Story, and I believe we once heard some rumblings about the Rockies (I’ll believe that when I see it), but there ya go. Offers have been made, at varying lengths and positions, and Story is just being patient, perhaps waiting to see what happens after Carlos Correa finally makes his choice.

Kyle Schwarber

Also on that same episode, Rosenthal dropped this bomb about the “intense” demand for former Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber. Which, good for him.

For as many opening as the Cubs have in the outfield – and for as great as their need for left-handed power may be – there haven’t been any credible rumors connecting Schwarber to Chicago. And if he has as much interest as reported, that’s even less likely. For now, I’ll just be happy if he doesn’t end up with the Brewers, which is a rumor that has gained a little more traction than I prefer to see.

Speaking of the Brewers, they’re reportedly in discussion with free agent outfielder Andrew McCutchen, whom we all remember from his days in the NL Central with the Pirates.

McCutchen, 35, was still an above-average hitter last season, but only barely (107 wRC+), and his outfield defense ranks about as badly as it can. But a 14.1% walk rate and 27 homers wouldn’t hurt the Brewers, who could still use an offensive face lift.

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami