Anthony Rizzo is Re-Signing with the New York Yankees

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Anthony Rizzo is Re-Signing with the New York Yankees

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I’m not saying it’s what happened, but I’m gonna reiterate the possibility I mentioned earlier so that at least *I* can feel better about how this went down: it was always possible that anything that popped up tonight about Anthony Rizzo and the Cubs was leverage-related. Maybe getting the Cubs back to the table was what pushed the Yankees to finish up the deal. We’ll never know for sure.

Per multiple reports, Anthony Rizzo is re-signing with the New York Yankees. Sounds like the range is a two-year deal around $16M per year. (UPDATE: Actually, he has an opt out after the first year, so it’s really a $16M one-year deal with a $16M player option thereafter.)

There was hope for a reunion between the Cubs and the long-time first baseman and yeah-pretty-much-Captain, as multiple reports had the Cubs interested in bringing Rizzo back. It wasn’t clear just how interested – my gut had it more of a “if his market just isn’t there” situation – and it was, on the other hand, rather clear that the Yankees were really going to want to bring him back when they didn’t land Matt Olson and seem to have been pushed aside on Freddie Freeman.

In other words, this is not a surprising outcome, but it’s a bit of a bummer. At least tonight’s hope didn’t percolate for too long.

As for any broader market implications, it means the Freeman market gets a little more clarity (not much, though), and any team that was looking at Rizzo stealth-like is now back to looking for a first base bat. The Cubs were not *counting* on landing Rizzo, so this doesn’t change their calculus much. They’ll still want who they want, regardless of this decision.

And now I’ll just ready myself to get bummed out on Kyle Schwarber and Seiya Suzuki, too …

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