Astros Reportedly Readying a "New Offer" to Carlos Correa, and It Feels to Me Like This Might Be It (UPDATE)

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Astros Reportedly Readying a “New Offer” to Carlos Correa, and It Feels to Me Like This Might Be It (UPDATE)

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It was already looking like things had shifted strongly toward a Carlos Correa reunion with the Astros once ownership got involved, and I feel like today’s report from Ken Rosenthal pushes even further in that direction.

To me, this feels like one of those “yeah, it’s about to happen, how much can I tweet” tweets:

My gut says Scott Boras and the highest levels of the Astros worked together the last two days to figure out exactly what kind of (probably very complex) deal will work for both sides.

My guess is that Correa simply couldn’t find any team out there willing to do a traditional contract that topped Corey Seager’s 10/$325M deal – which is why all those weird one-year rumors came out – and Correa preferred to return to the Astros if he was going to take anything less than that (sorry to the Cubs and their probable seven-year offer). So they got together and put a deal together. And now the Astros are going to “make that offer,” Correa will accept it, and that’ll be that.

Just my gut.

UPDATE: Again, this just strikes me as the kind of thing that would start floating out there shortly before a deal gets done to bring back a hometown player:

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