Padres Reportedly "Deep" in Trade Talks on Eric Hosmer, Cubs and Mets Among Teams Involved (UPDATES: It's Not Happening with the Mets)

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Padres Reportedly “Deep” in Trade Talks on Eric Hosmer, Cubs and Mets Among Teams Involved (UPDATES: It’s Not Happening with the Mets)

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Well, here we go. It sounds like the long-awaited trade of Eric Hosmer (and his contract, and prospects/young talent) could be coming soon.

Although not everyone sees the possibility of picking up young talent simply by taking on a bad contract as a particularly exciting move, you can definitely count me as someone who does. I’ve been banging this drum since the fall: with tons of money to spend, tons of positions available to accommodate whoever, and – most importantly – with a desire to add as much young talent as quickly as possible, it has made so much sense for the Cubs to try to pull off one of these rare trades. And since the Padres have tons of young talent, a desire to unload money, and a first baseman who could conceivably platoon for the Cubs and not be a total zero in the near future, the fit was so obvious.

… except the Cubs aren’t the only team in on this thing:

Deep in talks with the Cubs, eh? That sounds about right. But what’s this about the Mets? And why does this seem waaaay more serious with them:

At a meta level, let me offer that a 2:00 AM post by a trio of top Athletic writers means that something is definitely brewing, and they all must think it most seriously involves the Mets. That whole article is about the complicated fit to make this deal work with the Mets, and it reads to me like something that is going to happen.

Which would suck, since I don’t want the Cubs to miss out on this rare opportunity to “buy” a prospect (or a young arm like Chris Paddack). But that Mets fit sure is obvious when you look at the pieces.

You have Steve Cohen’s unlimited supply of money as a starting point, and then the Mets’ suddenly-urgent desire to add another starting pitcher after the injury to Jacob deGrom. So they take on Hosmer, whom they could also conceivably use in a platoon at first base (pushing Pete Alonso into part-time DH duties, which they seemingly want to do anyway). That would make JD Davis and Dom Smith even more superfluous, but as the article notes, Smith could go back to the Padres, who could definitely use his bat in left field. (And/or the Mets could simply release Hosmer and eat the money, because they can.)

This whole thing, from the injury situation raising the stakes to the overnight reporting to the extensive focus on the Mets just gives me a feeling like this thing is going to happen, maybe as soon as today, and probably to the Mets.

One caveat: the urgency side of things could theoretically also come from the Cubs, too, since they’ve now lost yet another pitcher from their opening week rotation (Wade Miley), and if they knew Paddack was available, maybe they would’ve pushed this week to get a deal done, too. So this doesn’t ALL have to be coming from the Mets.

But the reporting, outside of Heyman’s acknowledgement that the Cubs are involved, is certainly coming from one direction.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Some local confirmation from New York this morning that it’s definitely something the Mets are in talks on, and strongly considering:

UPDATE: This is sufficiently specific that I’m thinking this is going to happen:

I have no idea why the Mets would be trying to get so much cash thrown into this deal, since that should be the whole point for an ACQUIRING team to pay more of the salary to improve the return. But if there’s no prospect in this deal, and it’s as written up there (Pagan is not significant), then, uh, what are the Mets doing? Clearly they are DESPERATE to get Paddack, which I suppose does make sense. But this deal, as written, is just terrible for the Mets. Of course the Padres would prefer this version to sending a significant prospect to the Cubs! And that sucks!

UPDATE: So get back involved, Cubs:

If the Padres’ priority is to move salary, and if the Mets are wanting a bunch of cash thrown in, then come on. Buy that prospect, Cubs! (It’s clearly not happening for whatever reason, and since I know the Cubs and Pads have had extensive talks on this, I’ve gotta assume it’s because they could never agree on the financial value of the prospect(s) being discussed.)

UPDATE: Maybe the Cubs are *also* involved, but I don’t quite see why they would be necessary, given the Mets’ money:

UPDATE: Looks like it’s not happening yet:

UPDATE: It’s now off — at least, with respect to the Mets and Padres. Now we wait to see if San Diego (or New York) pivot to some backup deal or pack it in.

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