Opening Things Up, Hendricks and Burnes, Suzuki Debut, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Opening Things Up, Hendricks and Burnes, Suzuki Debut, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Whatever my longer-term thoughts on the likely competitiveness of this year’s Cubs team, I am nevertheless stoked to be going to Opening Day today. It’s my first Opening Day at Wrigley Field in three years thanks to the pandemic, and I’ve missed it. We’re allowed to have fun, right?

I’ll be in the right field bleachers – with Michael, Luis, Eli, and Bryan – so if you happen to be around and want to say hey, come say hey! I’ll be the one absurdly underdressed for the elements but at least I’ll have gloves!

•   It’s gonna be a tough one today for the Cubs, who are not only facing one of the best pitchers in baseball in Corbin Burnes, but they are going to be facing him in terrible, cold conditions, having come from the warmth of Arizona. The wind might be howling out, but I’m thinking the offense is still going to be very tough to come by. There is also the question of Kyle Hendricks’ early-start home run propensities – it would be nice not to see the Cubs immediately in an early hole, and having to come back against Burnes.

•   But hey, the last time Kyle Hendricks opened at Wrigley Field against the Brewers after a delayed start to the season … it went pretty well:

•   It’s gonna be so fun to see Seiya Suzuki take the field and come to the plate for his first MLB at bat at Wrigley Field. It’s a special moment. Of course, like I said, it’s gonna be against Burnes in the freezing cold, so Seiya is probably gonna be like, “What the eff did I just sign up for?”

•   More on the Cubs recruitment of Seiya Suzuki:

•   The pitch clock remains a high priority for Rob Manfred, though he still wants to get the players on board before implementing it (next year).

•   Amazon must’ve had a significant back stock of Apple AirPods because they are still on the big sale right now. So heads up on that. I confess that I use mine every day. #ad

•   The Iowa Cubs won last night, including Ben Leeper getting right back to where he was last year:

•   Very happy to see that the Cubs did right by their minor leaguers this year:

•   This is a fun Opening Day throwback thread from MBD:

•   This is good:

•   Avoid the comparisons for so many reasons, but I will admit that the visual is fun:

•   ‘Onto Waveland’ season preview episode:

•   Not sure he’s gonna still be there on the board at pick seven anymore:

•   Our friends at Obvious Shirts are opening their store today, north of Wrigley Field at Grace and Clark. Can’t wait to see it after the game today:

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.