The Nationals Cried Because the Giants Wouldn't Stop Trying to Score

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The Nationals Cried Because the Giants Wouldn’t Stop Trying to Score

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Is this gonna be a thing this year? The San Francisco Giants don’t stop trying to score, and other teams get in a crybaby twist about it?

Just a couple weeks after the Padres beefed with the Giants for continuing to try to add runs in a game with a healthy lead, now the Washington Nationals are joining the waaaaah waaaaaaaaaaah mix.

The Giants were up six runs in the 9th inning last night, with two outs and a runner on first. That runner, Thairo Estrada, stole second base, and then tried to score on a base hit to the outfield. He was thrown out at the plate, and then some Nationals players hiked up their diapers and started complaining:

It should go without saying at this point, but clearly, it still needs saying: are you really gonna cry that the Giants are SHOWING YOU THE RESPECT of saying a six-run lead is not enough? Are you really gonna suggest that your team COULD NEVER come back from a six-run deficit? Are you really gonna GIVE UP in the bottom of the 9th? How soft do you have to be to cry in that situation? As a man, I am soft as a baby’s bottom and even I wouldn’t have even the tiniest hint of a problem with what the Giants did.

Moreover, as Giants manager Gabe Kapler has pointed out before, it’s not just about that night’s game – it’s about potentially wearing down the opposing bullpen for future games in the series. Again, this is all just so obvious that I’m typing angrily right now and I don’t even really care about either of these teams! Wherever the line is about “not showing up your opponent,” if it exists at all, it certainly isn’t remotely close to a six-run lead in a Friday game.

Making the whole thing all the more ridiculous? The seven runs the Giants scored in the game? THEY ALL CAME IN ONE INNING. In that very game, a team had scored seven runs in an inning! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU CRYING ABOUT, NATIONALS?! “We are much worse than the Giants, so just because they did it tonight, we could never possibly also do it! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Not much coming out, officially, from the Nationals after the game. Naturally.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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