And Now the Cubs Schedule Gets Really Rough

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And Now the Cubs Schedule Gets Really Rough

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have an off-day today, their first in exactly two weeks. And in the 14 days since that last break, they played 13 games: Six against the Pirates, four against the Rockies, three against the Rays, and seven total at home. Unfortunately, the Cubs managed to win just 5 of those 13 games. And that just wasn’t enough.

If ever there was a stretch this season the Cubs needed to perform, that was it. And that’s not just because winning early is mission-critical for a front office just waiting to blow it up at the deadline. Or even because those were very beatable opponents with plenty of games at home (though both parts are true). Instead, the Cubs needed to come out on top during that stretch of games because of everything that comes next.

Take a look at their upcoming schedule, starting tomorrow. Though you might want to use one of those devices that helps you look at an eclipse without going blind.

Dates: April 26 – May 11 (14 games)

@Braves: 3 games
@Brewers: 3 games
vs. White Sox: 2 games
vs. Dodgers: 3 games
@Padres: 3 games

That is 14-straight games against division favorites, nine of which come on the road. There’s a little bit of a break after that (D-Backs, Pirates, D-Backs, Reds in that order), but then it’s right back to the gauntlet, with 11 games in 9 days against the White Sox (2), Brewers (4) and Cardinals (5) — including two double-headers at Wrigley Field.*

*Okay, I admit that last part could wind up being a lot of fun, but it’s also set-up for maximum pain.

Point being, the Cubs already had their chance to build up some padding in their record before being faced with five divisional favorites and some unkind West Coast travel, but they blew it – and mostly against the Pirates, of all teams. Now they’re entering this stretch two games under .500, and if they don’t at least tread water over the next two weeks (no small task), their season could be over by the time we come up for air on the other side.

The flip side here is that the Cubs may be catching the Braves (Ronald Acuña Jr.) and White Sox (Eloy Jimenez) at a somewhat vulnerable time, but they’re both still very strong teams, despite what their early season records may indicate. Meanwhile, the Brewers, Dodgers, and Padres each have double-digit wins already. So no help there. Good luck!

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Author: Michael Cerami

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