Joey Votto Got Mad at the Cubs Again Today, But Somehow Willson Contreras is the One Who Got Plunked?

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Joey Votto Got Mad at the Cubs Again Today, But Somehow Willson Contreras is the One Who Got Plunked?

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Today’s game featured an extraordinarily forgettable performance by the Chicago Cubs, so keep that in mind in everything that follows. I’m not trying to be overly chippy in defense of the Cubs today. They stunk, and that’s its own issue.

The Cincinnati Reds, because they are frequently ridiculous when it comes to beanball, seemingly decided to hit Willson Contreras today as … retaliation? … for … the retaliation they maybe already did last night? … which was itself retaliation for … Rowan Wick saying something to Joey Votto, who reacted way more over-the-top than Wick?

That is to say, even after maybe intentionally hitting Patrick Wisdom last night, the Reds hit Willson Contreras today:

Maybe accidental, but certainly suspicious, especially given the circumstances. I can’t really wrap my head around why that would be something the Reds felt was necessary, but like I said, they have done this kinda stuff for years now.

And once again, exactly like last night, David Ross came out to ask why the umpires weren’t even going to DISCUSS the possibility that it was intentional. And, like last night, Ross got ejected:

Thereafter, in some reverse ordering from last night, it was Wick once again facing Votto, and I’ll admit I was worried Wick might do something stupid. Thankfully, he did not, and instead just struck out Votto. But that wasn’t the end of it:

It’s hard to see perfectly, but it looks like Wick may have said something as a punctuation for the strikeout (looked like “f— yeah”), and Votto, who I otherwise really like, took his reaction to another level. Again. So Wick responded as he walked off, and Votto just kept going. I don’t get it. Don’t get why it happened, or what exactly the animosity is there between Wick and Votto, and Votto and the Cubs in general.

I really don’t understand what the beef is there, but it’s probably gonna linger now through other meetings this season.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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