Finally Video of "The Slap," Tommy Pham's Side of the Story, and Joc Pederson Has Receipts (UPDATE)

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Finally Video of “The Slap,” Tommy Pham’s Side of the Story, and Joc Pederson Has Receipts (UPDATE)

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This is like a ridiculous Hollywood drama that would get overhyped and then cancelled almost immediately. Or something unbelievable that would happen at an awards ceremony. But now it is forever a part of baseball history. We have our own “The Slap.”

And now there’s actually video of the moment when Reds outfielder Tommy Pham, prior to last night’s game against the Giants, slapped outfielder Joc Pederson over a years-long fantasy football beef:

That’s a slap right there. No messing around intended.

Pham today spoke about the situation, and, for him, it came down to disrespectful comments from Pederson about the Padres (wut?), and money:

I suppose we should see if more comes out on EXACTLY what Pederson said about the Padres, but if it was just trash talking in the context of the sport – they were division rivals, after all – and if the only other issue was the whole fantasy football rules argument, then, uh, this was not a remotely reasonable reaction by Pham. I kinda can’t believe he only got a three-game suspension.

In either case, I hope the back and forth never ends – or at least goes on for another three or four episodes so we can get a full Limited Event Series out of it.

UPDATE: It’s still going! Joc Pederson has the receipts from the text group, include the GIF insulting the Padres that apparently set Pham off:

If I got slapped every time I sent a mild insult to a group text thread, I would no longer have a face. If this really was the entirety of everything – that VERY mild joke from Pederson (and kind reply), and him stashing a player on IR – then Tommy Pham has completely lost his mind to slap Pederson.


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