You Can See the Positives in a Series Like That If You Want (But You Don't Have To!) and Other Cubs Bullets

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You Can See the Positives in a Series Like That If You Want (But You Don’t Have To!) and Other Cubs Bullets

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I have been trying to work my way through this book, ‘The Double,’ and it is a very interesting, but absurdly challenging, read. I am also a really slow reader by nature, so it’s the perfect storm for me to take a long-ass time to read this book. Fine. Except it’s checked out on The Wife’s library account, and she is the kind of voracious reader (ditto the kids) that she is constantly checking out tons of books. And I’ve not only passed the point where I can renew my book, it’s actually so far overdue that the library froze her account. She is sufficiently annoyed at me that any time I’m sitting around the house and NOT reading this book, I can feel the daggers, and her thinking quietly, “Enjoying that book, are you?” I’m trying, dear! I’m hustling! I swear!

•   Like I said yesterday, for reasons that are mostly irrational, my mood had already shifted on this Cardinals series before last night’s game (I had been hoping the Cubs could pull off a very pleasant surprise and win four of five, or even sweep). So last night’s loss, which gave the series to the Cardinals 3-2, didn’t necessarily chap me more than any other loss to the Cardinals in extra innings. That part is always noisome, but I guess I’d already slid back, quite quickly, into the mode where you’re expecting the Cubs to lose more frequently than they win.

•   The weird thing about that is that, even after last night’s loss, the Cubs are .500 since May 8. So they actually haven’t been losing more frequently than winning for nearly a month. Of course, that month featured some of the Cubs’ easiest stretches of opponents on the year, and after the first three series which they won from May 9 through May 18, the Cubs haven’t won a series. So it’s kinda like this stretch of .500 has been about as bad as a .500 stretch can get? (Of course, I could then say “but at least the Cubs are *IN* all these games!” (And then I could respond, yes, but the Cubs are still getting beat almost every time by the Brewers and Cardinals, however close the games, and that’s what the Cubs need to CHANGE).)

•   Which is not to say there aren’t things that are giving you the good vibes if you’re willing to receive them. A single series that featured FOUR young Cubs starting pitchers looking good and capable (or more)? When the heck was the last time we could even THINK about that being a possibility? We have been waiting 10+ years for this. I’m excited to be here, and to know that more pitching is coming, too.

•   Maybe Keegan Thompson eventually has to settle back into the bullpen. Maybe Matt Swarmer is just a limited-scouting illusion, rather than a late-bloomer. Maybe Caleb Kilian doesn’t live up to the hype and is more of a merely-OK-sometimes starter. Maybe Justin Steele keeps bouncing back and forth between extreme highs and extreme lows. BUT WE’RE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION. We haven’t even had that for a longggggg time!

•   (But also, if you want to compete next year, you still need to make a couple significant starting pitcher additions this offseason, Cubs. As this year reminds us, you always, always, always need much more than you think.)

•   I saw this stat, and while I thought it was cool and sounded right, it also made me immediately think about how many times the Cubs blew an early lead:

•   If you’ve been wondering about reliever Chris Martin, who is still out:

•   Whatever is going on in his/his family’s lives, I just hope they find peace. He’ll return whenever he’s ready.

•   Why was ESPN’s broadcast taking Cubs-Cardinals extra innings time away to talk about how bad the Cubs are in relation to the White Sox? Not only did the discussion’s content make no sense (maybe do a little research on the Cubs?), but the timing and space it filled was just bizarre.

•   Something I just saw on Getty from Saturday night’s loss, with the perfect look in the background:

•   Robel Garcia is indeed heading overseas, where he’s going to play for the LG Twins in Korea:

•   Keep an eye on this story, because it’ll have wide-reaching implications for the Cubs/Marquee’s own plans to offer an entirely over-the-top streaming option:

•   It’s a crazy high price, but these streamers have always been expected to be crazy expensive: (1) it’s the only way to get the games in the local market without subscribing to a cable/satellite package, so for some folks it’ll be a “price cut,” and (2) the cable/satellite providers that pay carriage fees for these channels do NOT WANT them to be made available as streamers, so the only way RSNs can pull it off is if the price tag is enormous, otherwise the cable/satellite providers will just end their carriage deals, and the RSNs wind up losing even more money. It’s a delicate balance, and I suspect it’s going to take years and years and years to be figured out in an effective way. (To say nothing of MLB’s plans to offer nationwide streaming with no blackouts – just wait until you see THAT price tag … )

•   Batter reaction is perfect:

•   Former Cubs pitching prospect (Nick Castellanos deal) with a wtf pitch:

•   Kids toys, soaps, deodorant, and more are your Deals of the Day at Amazon. #ad

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