The Angels Have Fired Manager Joe Maddon

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The Angels Have Fired Manager Joe Maddon

Chicago Cubs

There will be no debating whether this one counts as a “firing” or not. The Los Angeles Angels today fired likely-future-Hall-of-Fame manager Joe Maddon.

The Angels are desperate. They have an expensive roster. They have two of the best players in the game in the prime of their careers. And they also have a 12-game losing streak that is already pushing them to the brink of being able to stay in the playoff race this year. Against that backdrop, I do *understand* firing Maddon now and hoping it sparks a fire. (It maybe kinda worked for the Phillies?)

That said, as a Cubs fan, it does kinda make me sad to see just how poorly things have gone for Maddon in Anaheim. Maybe he was never the right fit or whatever, but it sucks that even he couldn’t get this Angels group over the hump. And now, even if they do turn it around this year, he won’t be a part of it. Heck, he’d actually be blamed for holding them back, in that event.

Maddon was set to be a free agent after this season anyway, and now he’ll get a head start on doing something else until the offseason (broadcasting? special assistant in a front office?). At 68, he’s not quite “too old” to get another gig after this one, but you wonder how much longer he will want to do this.

Note, by the way, that many around the Angels organization may have sensed that this was coming. Look at this exchange from last night:

Author: Brett Taylor

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