Wade Miley *WILL* Get a Rehab Start Before the Trade Deadline

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Wade Miley *WILL* Get a Rehab Start Before the Trade Deadline

Chicago Cubs

Well, this was the big question on Wade Miley and his shoulder strain this week: would he be in a position in his recovery to make a minor league rehab start before Tuesday’s Trade Deadline?

The answer is yes!

Per multiple reports, Miley will start for the South Bend Cubs tomorrow. You can bet there will be some scouts in attendance, getting eyes-on reports about how healthy he does or does not look.

Yes, you can trade a player on the Injured List. So if Miley looks healthy and just about ready to return, then it’s possible a team will want to add him as rotation depth. Heck, for his part, it’s possible Miley wouldn’t mind getting traded for the meaty part of a playoff run.

Even in that event, like I’ve said before, you’re not going to see the Cubs land much that turns your head. Remember, stateside farm systems now have a total player limit, and the Cubs aren’t going to pick up a guy if he’s not even better than the last handful of prospects in the system. The Cubs could add a player who hasn’t yet come stateside – and thus doesn’t count against that limit – but it’s going to be a lower-bonus type who probably has a massive developmental road ahead before possibly becoming relevant. The odds such a player would eventually become a legit prospect are pretty low.

Still, if you can make a worthwhile deal, there’s little reason not to do it, especially if you have some second half innings you wanted to open up for other starters. Miley has pitched so little this year because of various injuries, I just have my doubts that the Cubs would be offered enough to make a move.

So let’s keep an eye on how Miley looks tomorrow, and we’ll see if his name starts making the rounds come Monday and Tuesday. Contenders always need rotation depth, right?

Even if he’s not traded, Miley can continue to be a particularly awesome dude in the clubhouse.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.