Yes, I Saw the Thing About the Cubs and Mets and Dom Smith and Tomas Nido

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Yes, I Saw the Thing About the Cubs and Mets and Dom Smith and Tomas Nido

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This is floating out there, so I figured I’d at least mention that I’ve seen it, and tell you why it does not make sense.

This is missing a lot of context:

On its face, the tweet is like … uh, sure, “guys with minimal trade value might make sense for the Mets in deal for multiple top rental trade targets.” That doesn’t mean a deal is even remotely close, and indeed Martino’s article says that the Cubs and Mets haven’t yet officially exchanged names in a Willson Contreras and/or David Robertson trade. So that’s all the more reason to see the tweet, and kind of shrug it off

I guess the main thing to point out from Martino’s article is that the Mets know they’d have to include prospects in the deal, but their unwillingness to deplete a top-heavy system may create a roadblock (again, likely from a Mets source). We know from other reporting that the Mets are keeping Francisco Alvarez and Brett Baty off the table in talks (understandable), but there are some other quality prospects in the system that could make sense in a deal with the Cubs.

But as for the two big league names Martino mentions …

Like I said last week on Dom Smith, I have no problem with the Cubs taking a flier on him to see if a change of scenery helps him break back out in the second half, after which the Cubs would have the choice of tendering him a deal for next year. But to ascribe actual trade value to Dom Smith right now would be a huge mistake. He’s been terrible for two years, is injured, and would cost actual money in arbitration next year. (Much more on Smith in that earlier post.)

As for Nido, sure, he’s a great defensive catcher (who can’t hit), he’s 28 and has team control for a couple more years, and you might be happy to have him in the mix. But the Cubs already have a no-hit, great defensive catcher under contract for this and next year in Yan Gomes. Might the Cubs accept Nido? Sure. Maybe they absolutely love the way he calls a game or something. But would he be *the* value in a trade with the Cubs? Heeeeeeeeeeeeck no.

In other words, if the Cubs and Mets ultimately get together on a Contreras and/or Robertson trade, the primary return to the Cubs is going to be prospects. Anyone else included in the deal is an aside.

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