AND SO IT BEGINS: The 41-Hour MLB Trade Deadline #BNBlogathon Starts Now!

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AND SO IT BEGINS: The 41-Hour MLB Trade Deadline #BNBlogathon Starts Now!

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It has arrived: the 2022 Bleacher Nation Blogathon. It’s 41 hours straight of blogging thanks to your generosity to Make-A-Wish. The 2022 MLB Trade Deadline is tomorrow evening at 5 pm CT, and I will be blogging/tweeting/videoing/whatevering from now until the deadline, and straight on through the Cubs/Cardinals game tomorrow night. It’ll be 41 hours of fun, madness, and, oh, judging by last year, also probably sad.

You can expect to see a lot more baseball content than usual around here, as well on our various social media channels. You’ll want to follow BN on Twitter and like it on Facebook to maximize your Blogathon enjoyment. Join in the fun on Twitter by using the #BNBlogathon hashtag (I’ll be sharing your tweets here throughout the Blogathon, so use the hashtag! It’s fun!).

At last check, we were just shy of $11,000 given to Make-A-Wish, which is incredible. You are all amazing (and you can still give here if you haven’t and want to). I’m willing to add something silly to my feats today or tomorrow, but I figure we have to get over something like $15,000 for some additional layer of ridiculousness …

I am ready for 41 hours of gettin’ after it. Now I’ll dig in and catch up on anything from the overnight period while I was getting my last sleep for a while.

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