REPORT: Padres and Nationals Have Agreed to a Juan Soto Trade (UPDATES)

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REPORT: Padres and Nationals Have Agreed to a Juan Soto Trade (UPDATES)

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Well, it’s good if it isn’t the Cardinals, though obviously Juan Soto to the Padres means no monster deal there for the Cubs. So react as you will. (See all updates below.)

But the “momentum” is there, per multiple reports:

So, it sounds like the Nationals might be giving the Dodgers and Cardinals ONE LAST SHOT to come out on top, otherwise Soto (and maybe Josh Bell) is headed to the Padres.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: OK. Upgraded to “verge” status:

UPDATE 2: I will assume it’s just the Nats taking on bad salary to make it work, but … would be nice consolation prize if Cubs could sneak in and take a bad contract and a prospect …

UPDATE 3: There it is. The deal is agreed to, and it’s going to be massive:

Brace yourself for the fallout all around baseball, but obviously, more immediately, for the Cubs. I am strongly speculating that there will no longer be a great trade fit available with the Padres for the Cubs on any of their key pieces.

UPDATE 4: I’ve gotta assume this return also includes the Nationals taking on a bad contract or two, because this is LIGHT:

We’ll see what else shakes out. Gotta be more to this.

In the meantime, the Padres now have Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr, and Manny Machado, all on one team. Good for them.

UPDATE 5: Multiple reports say MacKenzie Gore is also in the deal, which starts to make more sense, even though he’s injured. Still now I wonder if the Padres might have to move a contract – say, with Luis Campusano! – to the Cubs? I’m dreaming, aren’t I? I just can’t let that dream die.

UPDATE 6: The dream is dead:

UPDATE 7: Lol. This will get sorted out one way or another, but it’s making me chuckle nevertheless:

In my imagination: “I will only accept a trade to the Cubs,” Hosmer said solemnly, adding, “and only if you send them Luis Campusano with me.”

UPDATE 8: I’m sure it was more complicated than this, but I will forever remember that the Cardinals passed on Juan Soto so that they could keep Dylan Carlson. It will comfort me whenever I’m feeling blue.

UPDATE 9: So I was joking earlier about Hosmer forcing his way to the Cubs with a prospect, but:

Obviously that’s a fine approach and he can wield the hammer however he wants … but wouldn’t it be a heckuva a lot easier to just bring in a third team to which he DOESN’T have no-trade rights? Nudge nudge?

Author: Brett Taylor

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