The Cubs Could Really Help the Brewers This Week By Beating the Phillies ... So, Ugh?

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The Cubs Could Really Help the Brewers This Week By Beating the Phillies … So, Ugh?

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Uh oh. We’ve got some countervailing interests here this week for the Chicago Cubs.

On the one hand, as we discussed last night, winning right now is still a good thing for the Cubs. They don’t, themselves, have a postseason berth to play for, but winning a lot of second half games – and looking competent in the process – can do some positive things for them going forward.

So, to that end, as the Phillies arrive at Wrigley Field this evening, you might be inclined to root for the Cubs to play spoiler. The Phillies are 1.5 games up for the final Wild Card spot, and if the Cubs were to, for example, sweep them, it would really put a major dent in their playoff chances. And it might be something of a shiny medal for the Cubs in this second half run.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the team that sits those 1.5 games behind the Phillies? It’s the Brewers.

Do you really want the Cubs to be directly responsible for helping the Brewers come back and overtake the Phillies for the final playoff spot? Is it really playing “spoiler” if you’re actually just helping a team you like much less?

Besides, I *want* to see Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos in the playoffs! At least give me more old friends to root for this October.

That’s a rock and a hard place this week, folks. Do we root for the Cubs to win, or the Phillies to come close to clinching over the Brewers?

I guess you could say that’s a can’t-lose proposition? Either outcome has an upside?

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Author: Brett Taylor

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