The Managerial Oustings Continue Apace - Mike Matheny Out in Kansas City

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The Managerial Oustings Continue Apace – Mike Matheny Out in Kansas City

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I feel like a typical offseason features about three managerial openings. I might be light on that going just from memory, but that feels like the range I’m usually tracking out of general interest.

If I’m right about that, then this season has definitely been on the high side, with another managerial spot opening in Kansas City. With long-time president Dayton Moore fired, it was not going to be a surprise if manager Mike Matheny was not retained, and indeed the Royals have announced he will not be.

Already we’ve seen openings appear on the South Side, in Miami, in Anaheim, in Toronto, in Philadelphia, in Arlington, and there’s a chance one comes in Houston, too (though not because Dusty Baker is going to be fired – it might just be they don’t re-sign him after his contract ends).

One of those was already resolved – the Angels decided to just bring back interim manager Phil Nevin for another year (literally, they signed him to a one-year deal and made sure to announce that it was a one-year deal), presumably because of all the uncertainty surrounding their sale. Some may wind up sticking with their interim managers depending on how their postseason runs go.

It’s possible there will be several more firings, though. Probable, actually. Even if not, you’re looking at an offseason with upwards of at least five or six true openings, and a year that has seen nearly a third of the league turnover its managerial spot.

Like front office openings, I find these stories interesting to follow both because they could potentially touch on Cubs executives or coaches, and also because it just interests me as a baseball fan. The White Sox opening probably gets more of my attention than the others because of the geography, but it’s always interesting to get new characters into the spotlight.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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