Atlanta Braves Extend ANOTHER Player: Spencer Strider Gets Six Years and $75 Million

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Atlanta Braves Extend ANOTHER Player: Spencer Strider Gets Six Years and $75 Million

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You better be careful out there. If you don’t look out, the Atlanta Braves just might extend you.

I guess that’s not a bad thing, actually. The latest player added to the incredible mass of extended players is breakout rookie righty Spender Strider, who gets all of his pre-arb and arb years guaranteed, and the Braves get an additional free agent year, plus another year via club option:

As you can see in the laudatory paragraph there, Strider has been a stud for the Braves. He would be mortal lock for Rookie of the Year honors if not for his teammate, Michael Harris II, who ALSO already signed an extension with the team and ALSO had a breakout season. It’s actually pretty hard to choose between them for the award. Must be nice.

The volume of extensions signed by the Braves makes for an overloaded team – good on the Braves for developing and extending – but it does also make for some oddities as you look ahead to the payroll commitments. The Braves, for example, already have upwards of $150 million on the books for 2024. They have almost $100 million on the books going as far out as 2028(!).

Make no mistake: these are good and wise and fortunate deals for the Braves when they are signed. On paper, these are very good decisions. So I’m not criticizing them in the least.

But it is correct to say that they are making a pretty big bet on at least one of two things happening over the next five years: (1) they win multiple more World Series, and nobody cares what happens around those wins; and/or (2) at least a few of these players winds up (or remains) such a superstar in that four to five-year range that whatever dead money has accumulated in the other deals doesn’t hurt in any meaningful way.

Again, don’t get me wrong. Virtually any other major-market club out there is gladly trading spots with the Braves to have these players on these deals. It’s mostly just interest to look that far ahead and see huge chunks of money still on the books. Rare!

Anyway, congrats to Spencer Strider on getting a guarantee of life-changing money. Always remember that side of the coin: even if Strider winds up dramatically outperforming his deal, the Braves are today taking on all the risk of, for example, catastrophic injury. And Strider no longer has to worry about that at all. Hard for me to ever judge a guy for that.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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