The Playoffs Have Always Featured Upsets, Incredible Factoids, and Other Cubs Bullets

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The Playoffs Have Always Featured Upsets, Incredible Factoids, and Other Cubs Bullets

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This should be the final mow of the year. I’m basically just chopping up leaves and blowing the bits all around the yard. But whatever. It is my sworn duty …

  • I have no idea why I am seeing takes out there this morning hostile to the new playoff format because the Dodgers and Braves lost in the NLDS. Even before this format, it was ALREADY the case that regular-season-big-win teams could lose in a five-game NLDS. Unless the tears are being spilled about the bye teams getting an extra two or three days off as compared with the old format, this is just nonsense. And if it *IS* about getting the two or three days off, ask any team at the start of the postseason whether they want to go that day or get a little more time to rest up and perfectly align their pitching. I would bet something like 8 out of 10 want those days.
  • Setting that part aside, it’s not like we can say a sample size of ONE postseason tells us anything at all about the likeliest outcomes in these series. Still seems like having a bye to get through the first round is a good thing! Only one of three teams in that portion of the bracket is going to move on to the NLCS. Two of those three teams would have to win five games to move on. One of the three has to win only three games. Wouldn’t you OBVIOUSLY rather be that one?
  • Also: the San Diego Padres have been foot-down on the gas for years now, and then added one of the best closers in baseball and one of the best hitters in baseball at the deadline this year. Isn’t it GOOD to see their aggressiveness rewarded in the postseason? I get that it stings to see dominant regular season teams get bounced in a short series, but it’s not like Padres didn’t do everything they could to be in this position. And even the Phillies, they were one of the best teams in baseball from June on.
  • (OK, but I reserve the right in the future to be a hypocrite for a day if and when the Cubs win 100+ games and then lose to a surging-hot Wild Card team in the NLDS.)
  • I generally think Ken Rosenthal summed things up well:
  • Yes … it is cool … for those teams … :
  • I wouldn’t necessarily call this clip “chilling,” but I would definitely say it’s cool. Sound on:
  • I am fine with any and all cheating jokes, but it certainly is notable:
  • I love any opportunity to be reminded of Derrek Lee:
  • Are the Blackhawks secretly awesome (jk):

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