Ian Happ is a Gold Glove Finalist! ... Nico Hoerner is Not

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Ian Happ is a Gold Glove Finalist! … Nico Hoerner is Not

Chicago Cubs

The finalists for the Gold Glove Awards were announced today by Rawlings, as voted on by managers and coaches, with some additional influence coming from a set of statistical metrics.

The Chicago Cubs landed just one finalist this year, but it’s a very deserving one:

By all reasonable measures, Happ was one of the best defensive left fielders in baseball this year, and I’d say he has a good shot at taking this one home. He trails Peralta by a little bit in Outs Above Average, but he leads the league in UZR/150 and BLOWS THE FIELD AWAY in Defensive Runs Saved (13, as compared to Tommy Pham, in second place with 3).

Speaking of which … Yelich? Is a finalist? Are you serious? His metrics are bad. The eye test is very bad. I guess you have to vote for someone as a finalist and the managers and coaches just picked a name they knew?

Nico Hoerner … is not a finalist at shortstop:

You can beef with this one if you want. I think he should’ve been a finalist, all things considered.

Hoerner was second in Defensive Runs Saved, and tied for second in Outs Above Average. He also LOOKED the part this year, at least from my highly-biased perspective. Hoerner was only 12th in UZR/150, and maybe that one dinged him, but I suspect it was more about the reputational stuff. Hoerner did not come into the season known as a top defensive shortstop, so it was a high bar to clear to get in him into that conversation, fairly or not.

Notably, over in the American League, two familiar names show up:

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