When Heyward Disagreed with Maddon, the Nature of Trade Rumors, Vertical Approach Angle, and Other Cubs Bullets

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When Heyward Disagreed with Maddon, the Nature of Trade Rumors, Vertical Approach Angle, and Other Cubs Bullets

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I am testing out a new monitor to see if this is better for my posture, and I am typing this very sentence as I do. Instant reaction is that, yes, having a screen up higher in front of my face is much better for my back and neck than hunching over like I usually do, but adjusting my brain to the different eye-level and screen appearance/size is really messing with me and slowing me down. I’m going to assume I’ll adjust in time, but at the moment it feels like I’m having to trade posture for productivity.

  • Vertical Approach Angle – a favorite under-the-hood topic of Bryan’s – is going mainstream thanks to Cristian Javier:
  • A very low VAA can give the batter an illusion that the fastball is rising as it reaches him, and it allows even lower-velocity pitchers to work at the top of the strike zone without fear.
  • Random factoid about this year’s World Series so far, which would make you think it hasn’t been competitive, but it definitely hasn’t felt that way:
  • I’m gonna have to give this a full listen today, because Jason Heyward sure is right about this one (did we have it confirmed that it was a squeeze call and not just Javy doing it on his own? Because if not, now we have it confirmed):
  • Just absolutely a terrible, terrible, pointless call:

  • And since we’re on Game Seven, I’ve gotta share this piece at least once a year, around the anniversary of the World Series win:
  • This is about a football trade/rumor situation, but I think it’s so compelling – and plausibly applicable across professional sports – that I wanted to share it here:
  • That’s some unbelievably candid discussion on how a trade rumor can be both true and also not exactly true, and I’m not sure we would EVER hear a baseball executive lay it out like that. I find it fascinating that Beane confirms the Bills would monitor news and rumors, and then lower-level guys would be empowered, on their own, to check in with a counterpart on another team just to see if the reporting is accurate – hey, I see that maybe you are thinking about listening on this guy, is that true? In a way, though, it makes sense. “Teams” don’t do things. Humans do. So, in all practical effect, there is going to be news monitoring and then there are going to be side conversations and check-ins and hypotheticals and what-have-you, and I think a LOT of that is happening all the time, without actually leading to a transaction. All worth keeping in mind as we head into the baseball offseason.
  • The New York Mets are planning to look for a president to replace Sandy Alderson, but what remains unclear is whether they’re looking for someone to be a true president of baseball operations, and basically go on top of GM Billy Eppler, who was otherwise running baseball ops over the last year. When David Stearns stepped down from the Brewers last week, everyone figured it was to be with the Mets, though that hasn’t happened yet (since he’s under contract, it would have to involve some compensation – maybe that’s being negotiated behind the scenes?). Anyway, because of all that, this is awkward:
  • One thing it made me think about: let’s say, going back to the Trade Deadline, both Eppler and Steve Cohen knew that Alderson was going to step down, and that a new president was coming. Any chance Cohen would’ve strongly urged that Eppler NOT trade away any long-term pieces, since those decisions might be better left to the future president? If so, that would still seem a cowardly – and bad – decision, since you can’t count on next year being another 100+ win team.
  • Speaking of Mets not being able to count on a 2022 repeat, they got a historic season from Edwin Diaz, who is now a free agent:

Author: Brett Taylor

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