Aaron Judge Just Arrived in San Francisco, Reportedly Will Meet with the Giants

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Aaron Judge Just Arrived in San Francisco, Reportedly Will Meet with the Giants

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I remember reading this idea that the Yankees really wanted to get Aaron Judge signed before he even truly entertained offers from other teams, so that he could be like Derek Jeter was in the eyes of the fans: truly a Yankee, through and though, without any of the slightly bit of taint. Apologies, as I can’t find it at the moment, but I had it on the mind tonight.

Because of this:

You may recall that Yankees GM Brian Cashman said the Yankees had made a new offer to Judge since the end of the season, but clearly it wasn’t enough to stop the MVP from taking a flight to San Francisco, where he will presumably hear the pitch from the Giants. Heckuva power play to push the Yankees if he isn’t at least a little interested in possibly signing with the Giants.

Judge, by the way, is originally from Sacramento and went to college at Fresno State. He actually DOES have connections in the area, though Morosi’s tweet pretty clearly states that Judge is expected to meet with the Giants.

This is a major development, even as the Giants’ interest in Judge was already long known. If the Giants could persuade Judge to leave the Yankees, the ripple effects could be dramatic. Does that mean the Yankees do in fact go hard after one of the free agent shortstops? Does it mean the Giants would make lesser signings from there, or actually step it up even MORE aggressively for another big money player?

Judge is singular on this year’s market, so I could understand, too, how his lack of a decision so far could be trickling its way down to a number of players and other teams. I’ll be very curious to hear how/if his meeting with the Giants goes, and whether that’s it for his decision-making process – one way or another – or if he slides on down the coast to Los Angeles at some point.

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