Obsessive Top Shortstop Watch: Jed Likes Trea? Bogaerts on Top? Still on Correa? Swanson 50-50?

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Obsessive Top Shortstop Watch: Jed Likes Trea? Bogaerts on Top? Still on Correa? Swanson 50-50?

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Dansby Swanson was all the discussion last night, what with a fresh rumor of the Cubs’ interest, but I don’t think it would be accurate to say he’s the only shortstop the Cubs are still considering. I tend to think the Cubs are probably proceeding on multiple fronts, even if it’s become clear that the interest in Swanson is very real.

The Winter Meetings are getting underway in San Diego, and I do think some of this stuff gets sorted out over the next four days. At least one of these four shortstops is going to sign. I’d put the over/under at 1.5 …

Some of the latest shortstop stuff:

  • This isn’t the most notable thing, but it’s a rare mention of the Cubs and Trea Turner in the same sentence, so I’ll include it first. From The Athletic: “Some officials believe Hoyer is particularly high on Trea Turner, though that should be interpreted as more of an obvious statement than a piece of breaking news.”
  • It’s fun to think about the Cubs having been connected much more visibly to the other three shortstops, only to shock everyone and sign Turner. Given the interest level that will seemingly push Turner well over $300 million, though, I think it’s a very open question whether the Cubs are ready to go to that level (and if so, whether it would be Turner instead of Carlos Correa).
  • Bob Nightengale writes that it’s actually Xander Bogaerts who is the Cubs’ “top priority,” though we know how fuzzy that kind of language can be. I am sure the Cubs DO really like Bogaerts. And Turner. And Swanson. And Correa, as Nightengale adds that the Cubs are still “exploring the market” for Correa.
  • In other words? The Cubs probably do like all four shortstops to varying degrees, at varying price points, and in varying combinations with other moves they would ideally like to make. That’s why I get less riled up about the latest rumor on this guy or that guy, because, while I might have an order of preference, I have NO IDEA which of the guys the Cubs can ACTUALLY land. These are free agents, after all, and they do have a say in the matter. So keeping your options open is ideal. (You know, like signing Swanson for shortstop and convincing Bogaerts to play third …. )
  • I haven’t found the audio yet for the Jesse Rogers radio hit that Brandon references, but I have no reason to doubt that this was the gist:
  • If you told me it was 50% Swanson returns to Atlanta, 45% he signs with the Cubs, and 5% he signs somewhere else, I would believe it. But, again, we’re operating with limited information, despite all the best efforts on the reporting. These Cubs really are keeping things as private as possible.
  • Nightengale’s piece says this about Swanson, for what it’s worth: “(The Braves) have offered about $100 million to keep Swanson, but he is seeking at least $140 million, and neither side has budged.” It was pretty recent that I would’ve said $140 million for Swanson over six years seems pretty steep, given that it’s what Trevor Story and Javy Báez got last year, and they probably had an argument at the time for being slightly more valuable. But given what has happened in this market? I think it’s pretty hard to imagine Swanson NOT getting at least $140 million. Nightengale hears predictions that Swanson could wind up with the Cardinals if not the Braves.

Author: Brett Taylor

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