Cubs Reportedly Met with Carlos Correa Already at the Winter Meetings (UPDATE)

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Cubs Reportedly Met with Carlos Correa Already at the Winter Meetings (UPDATE)

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are putting the meeting in Winter Meetings. God that was awful. I’m sorry. But I’m leaving it.

The Cubs have met with free agent shortstop Carlos Correa at the Winter Meetings:

We’ve heard that the Cubs were aiming to meet with all of the shortstops, so this isn’t necessarily a surprise. But given the recent re-upped mentions of the Cubs’ not being out on Carlos Correa, it’s nice to hear a little confirmation of what they’re actually trying to do. The money is gonna be the thing in the end, but it doesn’t hurt to put together a sales pitch.

Also on that Levine report? The Cubs met with Xander Bogaerts 10 days ago, and we didn’t hear bupkis about it until now. That’s a reminder that the Cubs are not out there trying to leak every single detail as it happens. Sometimes things get out, sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t, it doesn’t mean the Cubs aren’t doing anything at all.

UPDATE: Some national confirmation, and specifying that the meeting was today:

I like that meeting with him today kinda tracks with the re-uptick in Cubs-Correa rumors. Maybe Cubs were keeping things quiet and then couldn’t anymore after today.

Author: Brett Taylor

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