Winter Meetings, Monday Night: Jed Speaks, Offers on the Table, Greedy on Shortstops, Vazquez's Big Ask, Senga and Bassitt, Judge, Hendriks, Much More

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Winter Meetings, Monday Night: Jed Speaks, Offers on the Table, Greedy on Shortstops, Vazquez’s Big Ask, Senga and Bassitt, Judge, Hendriks, Much More

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations Jed Hoyer spoke with the media this evening, which was picked up on Marquee so I could watch. Of note, Hoyer said it was an exceptionally busy weekend of calls and then face-to-face meetings into today, so he hasn’t really emerged much until tonight.

  • Hoyer confirmed that the Cubs do have offers on the table right now:
  • Hoyer tries not to feel too much urgency in response to other moves, at least in terms of feeling like you just HAVE to make a deal right now:
  • It’s all about free agency right now, and apparently quiet (for the Cubs?) on the trade front:
  • For some reason that made the Dexter Fowler trade come to mind. The Cubs did a lot of heavy work in December 2014 in free agency, and then later, in January, they put together the trade for Fowler.
  • I really liked this point from Carter Hawkins, as he hopped on Marquee tonight, too:
  • That’s a different version of something I try to remember often: get really good players, figure out the rest later. You can’t do that 100% of the time, but look at the Phillies last year. Look at the Padres. Look at how much positional overlap the Dodgers have had for YEARS. Sometimes, you do just need to focus on bringing good players into your organization, and then figure out how to optimize around them.
  • Prior to Hoyer and Hawkins hopping on Marquee, there was a studio discussion where Jim Deshaies openly talked about being greedy and wanting Dansby Swanson for shortstop and Xander Bogaerts for third base. I feel you, JD! Meanwhile, Bruce Levine was pushing a bit on Carlos Correa, and talking about how the Cubs need a star. Levine had earlier reported that the Cubs met with Correa today.
  • Elsewhere tonight … I knew that, given how the market was trending, Christian Vazquez was likely to get either a MUCH larger two-year deal than the projections, or maybe even a three-year deal, but he might be thinking even bigger:
  • It’s hard to imagine a glove-first 32-year-old catcher like Vazquez getting four years, but he’s popular for a reason: teams like the Cubs believe he can be very special in all things run prevention, and the bat isn’t a total zero. I still very much hope the Cubs can get him.
  • On Marquee, Jon Morosi said the Cubs are “one of the teams most interested in Vazquez.”
  • Speaking of Morosi’s hit on Marquee:
  • That’s the first time in almost a month we’ve heard the Cubs connected to Kodai Senga again. Glad to hear that’s not entirely over. So you add Senga and Bassitt to Jameson Taillon from earlier today, and yes, it seems like the Cubs are indeed pretty active in the non-deGrom/Verlander/Rodon tier of starting pitching.
  • Elsewhere on the catcher market, the Astros maybe trying to push down Willson Contreras’s price tag:
  • I’m probably only half serious, because Murphy does make plenty of sense for the Astros. Heck, he makes sense for almost all teams.
  • Yankees GM Brian Cashman spoke tonight, and you can guess some of the topics:
  • The Yankees are heavy on Carlos Rodon, according to Jon Heyman, regardless of whether they re-sign Aaron Judge. Other teams Heyman says are involved include the Orioles, Twins, Dodgers, Giants, Rangers, and possibly Mets.
  • The White Sox may trade closer Liam Hendriks:
  • The Orioles’ one-year deal with Kyle Gibson is another eight-figure deal, which is the going rate for bounce-back starters these days:
  • For a guy who isn’t available, according to the Pirates, there do continue to be a lot of mentions of Bryan Reynolds:
  • If the Cubs wanted a righty bat for first base to complement Matt Mervis, and *IF* they thought they had the secret sauce to work on the strikeout rate, here’s Bobby Dalbec:
  • It’s not sexy (Dalbec projections as an exactly league-average bat), but I guess as a back-up-back-up plan, you might consider giving him a shot. A 27-year-old former top 100 prospect who has seemingly stalled out in his original organization.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.