WOW! After All That, Aaron Judge is Actually Re-Signing with the Yankees

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WOW! After All That, Aaron Judge is Actually Re-Signing with the Yankees

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This is madness. A day after Jon Heyman reported, and then quickly retracted, that Aaron Judge had agreed to a deal with the San Francisco Giants, Jon Morosi now reports that actually Judge is returning to the Yankees.

In fairness to Heyman, he wasn’t alone in hearing that Judge to the Giants was very likely going to happen, but a deal ain’t done until it’s done. And maybe the Yankees used some last-minute leverage to get him back:

And just to be sure there are no take-back-sies, Ken Rosenthal confirms the report, and has the monster terms:

Massive, massive deal for Judge, with exactly a $40 million AAV. We had heard reports that the Giants were at $360 million (years weren’t reported), and I wonder if it was an “acceptable” deal … that the Yankees then matched.

There will be a lot more to say about this in the hours (day?) ahead, but you know exactly the concern here now: does this mean the Giants go all out to get Carlos Correa? That was the rumor – if the Giants missed on Judge, Correa would be their target. Hey, then again, there was a rumor that the Giants were going to go after Correa in any case, so maybe this isn’t a new concern. I guess I just hate the idea of a major-market club, with significant needs, scrambling to add a big bat in a market with few of them left. Maybe go hard after Brandon Nimmo, Giants? Please?

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Author: Brett Taylor

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