The Yankees Are Working on Something "Bigger" Than Carlos Rodon?

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The Yankees Are Working on Something “Bigger” Than Carlos Rodon?

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Earlier, when we talked about Buster Olney saying on the radio that the Giants hadn’t actually talked much in the way of specifics yet with Carlos Correa, there was something else he said in that interview that got clipped on Twitter.

Hand up, I thought this was a mistake. I thought maybe there was a little confusion behind the scenes, and this was supposed to be about Carlos Rodon, not Carlos Correa:

Maybe Olney really did mean Correa there, even if speculatively. It’s pretty hard for me to see that happening, but you know what? This week has really told us to stop thinking we have our heads around what various teams are going to do. It’s not like it was that long ago that the Yankees were THE TEAM to just go out and get whoever on whatever contract. Didn’t matter. They would make the rest work.

The reason I bring this up now is because Michael Kay, who is seemingly reasonably well plugged into all things Yankees for obvious reasons, just said this:

That suggests that Olney probably wasn’t inadvertently talking about Rodon (my bad). Moreover, it’s right there in the tweet: the Yankees are working on something BIGGER than Rodon. You know, an ace-level starting pitcher who is seeking seven years and upwards of $200 million. BIGGER THAN THAT.

So, it’s pretty hard not to start thinking about Correa, because he’s certainly the only free agent remaining that would qualify as “something bigger” than Rodon. If it’s a trade, well, that could be interesting, too, but it would have to be massive to get that kind of description. Does Bryan Reynolds from the Pirates qualify? I wouldn’t say so, but he is definitely a stud and would be a huge impact piece for the Yankees. So maybe it’s just a matter of semantics. (Unless it’s a trade for Shohei Ohtani, which, god please no, and I can’t even believe I just put that out into the universe.)

Anyway, this is me writing this up to try to alleviate my rising anxiety that now the Yankees are going to swoop in and pounce on Carlos Correa.

It didn’t work.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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