Been a Long Time Since Big Cubs Moments, Busy Week on Deck, and Other Cubs Bullets

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Been a Long Time Since Big Cubs Moments, Busy Week on Deck, and Other Cubs Bullets

Chicago Cubs

It’s a big week in Cubs baseball, especially for mid-January. This week is when you get the Cubs Convention (back for the first time in three years), but it’s also when the deadline for exchanging arbitration numbers arrives (Friday), and when the new International Free Agent signing period opens (Sunday).

You could see more extensions around baseball in advance of the arbitration deadline, by the way, and we’ll keep crossing our fingers on guys like Ian Happ and Nico Hoerner. The Cubs are a “file-and-trial” team for arbitration, which means if a player actually gets to the point of exchanging salary figures on Friday, the case is going to arbitration in February. So, even if there aren’t extensions, you should expect deals to avoid arbitration with Happ, Hoerner, Codi Heuer, and Nick Madrigal (the Cubs already avoided arbitration with Rowan Wick and Adrian Sampson).

  • I was watching the end of that Texans-Colts game on the edge of my seat in a way I haven’t in a longgggg time. And the joy I got from the Texans pulling it out, thus securing the number one overall pick for the Bears, was the most excited I’ve been about a sporting event outcome since … I think Game 5 of the 2017 NLDS against the Nationals? Is that terrible? The Cubs are the team that really gets my motor running, but I mean, what else has there been for the Cubs in the last five years that would justify extreme excitement? There have certainly been games and moments that were a lot of fun, but 2018 was the fall-off and then the Game 163 loss and the Wild Card loss; 2019 was miserable down the stretch; 2020 was its own thing and the two playoff games sucked; 2021 was an emotional mess; and 2022 had some fun games, but nothing to JUMP out of my seat about.
  • … which I totally did do when Wade Davis struck out Bryce Harper to end it. So many fist pumps. Hey, since we’re remembering it, enjoy some fun/extremely tense memories from the Cubs locking down the 2017 NLDS, and then let’s remember nothing that happened after it:

  • You are BANNED FOR LIFE … by which we mean five years:
  • Coppolella, you’ll recall, circumvented the international free agent signing process for years with the Braves, underreporting actual bonuses so that they could land extra talent. Not sure what gig there might be in baseball for Coppolella given the offense, but because of the long tail of player acquisition and development, he probably does still own some of the credit for the place the Braves have been in for the last half-decade under Alex Anthopoulos.
  • The Mets look very good on paper before finalizing the Carlos Correa deal (if they do), but not necessarily improved from last year – just some different names:
  • Not that I’m criticizing the Mets, mind you, for being the “same” as last year. That team won 101 games! So if they repeat that, I’m sure they would be happy enough. Just have to figure out how to beat the Cubs down the stretch …
  • Pfft, Cubs’ 6 through 10 is better than this:
  • A classic here by Jomboy – I love this (warning about the LOADS of language, but hey, they said it):
  • The Cubs Convention schedule, where I’ll be milling around this weekend if you want to say hi. I will also be at Lizzie McNeill’s (a bar next to the Sheraton, where the convention is taking place) on Friday night after the Opening Ceremonies.

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