The Carlos Correa Saga: The Twins Are Back, and Talks "Have Begun to Accelerate"

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The Carlos Correa Saga: The Twins Are Back, and Talks “Have Begun to Accelerate”

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Another Carlos Correa deal falling apart because of the medical concerns and another team swooping in to try to grab him? Unexpected as of last week, yes, but you can’t say it’s crazy at this point.

The Minnesota Twins did always want Correa back, and after nearly three weeks of the Mets and Scott Boras failing to get a deal finalized, the Twins would be the next logical stop on this train of failed physicals.

And I’m saying, Ken Rosenthal isn’t dropping this at almost 11pm ET because he’s getting played by an agent:

As Rosenthal and Hayes report, this doesn’t mean the deal with the Mets is definitely dead. But the Twins stuff is clearly very real now, and very serious:

“With the status of the mega-deal he agreed to with the New York Mets last month unresolved, the Twins suddenly are back in the mix for the free-agent shortstop. Two club sources said Monday that talks between the Twins and Correa have begun to accelerate. A separate major-league source confirmed the development as well.”

If the Mets were at 12 years and $315 million pre-physical, but wanted some protective language in the deal now, I think you can openly speculate that the Twins – who’d previously offered ten years and $285 million – aren’t going to “beat” that offer. Two failed physicals later, Correa and Boras would have to settle for a whole lot less guaranteed money. That’s just a reality at this point.

But maybe the Twins, who were willing to go very high on AAV the last time around, would be willing to offer an AAV that goes way over what the Mets (and Giants) were offering, even at a reduced guarantee. Call it a face-saving opportunity for Boras and Correa, who seemed to like his time in Minnesota well enough.

This is just a wild situation that continues to get wilder. I have no idea how Steve Cohen and the Mets would respond to this if it falls through. They probably start writing Shohei Ohtani the $1 billion check right away.

Stay tuned. Again. Because for all we know, this is going to be history repeating itself, with a lot of us waking up to a 2:30am report that Carlos Correa has signed with a different team.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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