WOW, There It Is: Now Carlos Correa is Signing With the Minnesota Twins (UPDATES)

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WOW, There It Is: Now Carlos Correa is Signing With the Minnesota Twins (UPDATES)

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There it is. I knew those reports last night weren’t just coming out of nowhere, and weren’t just more leverage attempts by Scott Boras and/or Steve Cohen. It really happened. For the second time this offseason, Carlos Correa is heading to a different team than the one reported to have already signed him.

Well, except this time it’s actually him just heading back to the team he was already on:

The San Francisco Giants agreed to sign Carlos Correa to a massive 13-year, $350 million deal a month ago. They balked at his surgically-repaired ankle, wanted to re-negotiate, and thus Correa and Boras quickly bolted to Cohen and the Mets for 12 years and $315 million. That started a whole new dance about the ankle, which lasted weeks, and never did get resolved.

So now Correa returns to the Twins on an even smaller deal (higher AAV, yes, but much smaller guarantee), and I would presume this one is actually going to get done. The Twins already must’ve been fairly familiar with the ankle, and they’ve already now dropped their previous guaranteed offer (10 years and $285 million). This is probably going to stick. (But, hey, I guess wait for the ink to dry this time … )

What a freaking offseason for Correa and the Giants and the Mets, and there will be so much unpack from this one. I knew last night that this COULD happen, but I wasn’t necessarily prepared for the fallout. Do the Mets just decided to go nuts spending next offseason instead and run it back-ish this year? Do the Twins now quickly move to trade Luis Arraez to the Marlins for a pitcher? Are we deeply annoyed that the Cubs weren’t able/willing to get involved at this price level? (YES!)

More soon.

UPDATE: More of the contract particulars on how the deal could grow beyond its base 6/$200M if Correa keeps topping 502 plate appearances:

Notable to me that, even now that it isn’t guaranteed, the maximum on the deal is less than the Twins’ previous offer. Which suggests they are squeezing Correa a bit because of the failed physicals. Understandable.

UPDATE 2: The full breakdown, and now there’s just the matter of the Twins physical to pass:

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