The Seiya Suzuki Injury Update Is Here and It's Very Not Great (UPDATE)

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The Seiya Suzuki Injury Update Is Here and It’s Very Not Great (UPDATE)

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Crud. I wasn’t expecting anything better given the way this all played out (textbook serious injury unfolding of events). But when there was no news, we could at least hold out hope for moderatelly good news. Alas. Seiya Suzuki has a “moderate left oblique strain,” and he does not have a timetable for his return.

We’ll still learn more from Suzuki, himself, and his manager, David Ross, when they address the media later today. But outside of some additional details of when he first felt the tightness and to what degree “moderate” should make anyone feel better, this is it. In other words, the headline here is that there is no timetable for his return.

We’re not “slowing down for a couple of days and getting back out there next week.” We’re not acting out of an “abundance of caution.” And we’re not talking about Opening Day. There is no timetable. That stinks. It’s bad news.

In a lineup already lacking for serious power, Suzuki was one of the most important pieces to any slim chance the 2023 Chicago Cubs had at competing. There are ways to address the absence internally in the short term – Trey Mancini can play out there. Maybe Brennen Davis is ready sooner than later. Maybe Matt Mervis comes up quickly and fills in the gaps offensively. But losing arguably (who could be) your best hitter is never ever a good thing, no matter what other options you have.

And, no, the Cubs are not expected to go after Jurickson Profar, who remains a free agent.

UPDATE: More from Suzuki and David Ross here, with thoughts on the return timeline.

Author: Michael Cerami

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